Waves Plugins Crash


Cubase 10 Pro when working with Waves plugins. This happens either when I am adding a new insert, or when I am opening one that I have already assigned. It’s pretty erratic, meaning that it will happen randomly but pretty often (10 times between this morning and yesterday).

  • Open Edit Channel settings.
  • Click on an existing Waves plug in or assign a new one.
  • The plug-in window will appear as blank, all black, no knobs, values, etc.
  • If you close the plug in window Cubase will crash.
  • Changing buffer size doesn’t change anything

I am running the latest version of Cubase Pro 10, on a Mid 2010 Mac Pro -12 cores at 3.46, 64GB of RAM. I am on macOS 10.13.6

This seem to happen with all plug ins from Waves.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your Waves plug-ins are up to date. Same as PACE/iLok software, please.

If it’s still crashing, share the *.crash file located in the Console (User Reports folder) macOS utility, please.