Waves plugins not loading (but show in plugin list)

Have just installed Cubase 6.5 on Windows 7 64bit on a new PC and none of my Waves plugin appear when I try to load them. They show up in the Cubase PlugIn Manager but they just won’t load. I never had that problem on my old PC (running Windows XP). I am using Waves Gold Bundle v9. Any ideas or help would be really appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Are you using 32- or 64-bit Cubase? And are you using 32- or 64-bit Waves plug-ins? I would recommend 64-bit Cubase and 64-bit plug-ins.

Btw: Windows XP is not supported system for Cubase 6.5 (Windows 7 is system requirement here). And I would guess even for Waves Gold Bundle v9.

I am using 64 bit Cubase and 64bit Waves, on Windows 7.

Hi Ana88

Did you find a solution to this problem? I’m having the same issue.

Kind of the same problem here. Just bought TG12345 and Soundshifter and Nuendo will not see the 64bit plugins. Nuendo 5.5 32bit sees them fine and they work great, only I don’t use 5.5 32bit. I use 6.5.4 64bit.
Waves support had me copy the waveshell file to (C:\Program files\common files\vst3) but that didn’t do the the trick. Anyone?

Helpful info:
The computer I use for internet stuff and for creating the USB Offline installer isn’t running a 64 Bit OS. It is Windows 7 (32 Bit). Therefore the installer I created on the USB stick didn’t include the 64 Bit Waveshell files that I needed. Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and connect my DAW to the internet just for this issue. I uninstalled everything waves and reinstalled while online. Everything is now working perfectly. I now have a new file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 that was never there before. It is “Waveshell-VST3 9.6_x64.vst3” I think this might be useful info for others.

I am completely obsessed with having a finely tuned DAW and everything working like it should. This issue was extremely difficult to figure out. I got lucky and finally stumbled across some useful info at the Reaper Cockos Forum. Waves Central - Cockos Confederated Forums Exact same problem. If your DAW is offline and you need to install Waves 64Bit plugins, make sure the computer you use to create the offline installer is also running a 64Bit OS.