waves plugins not working after update

Hi Guys
when i load my waves vsts they load but do not process !!!
i wrote to waves about this and they told me its a cubase thing and the work arround was to make new tracks then insert waves again … this is a pain for a project with 47 tracks …anybody have a better idea ?
windows 10 pro
cubase 10.5 pro 64 bit
yada yada yada

Hi . I’ve not had this issue with Waves , bought some version 12’s as well and everything is working find it’s only those annoying AA bugs of crashing on exit that persist

it is after version 12 i got this

This is the reply from waves.:

Dear Tony,

Thank you for contacting Waves Tech Support.

We’ve actually encountered this issue before -
There’s currently an issue on Steinberg’s end and Cubase 10.5 in which the plug-ins load fine, but due to routing issues with Projects saved in Previous versions of Cubase, it does not process audio…

The current workaround is to create new Audio Tracks in your projects, and load the plug-ins on those.

Let me know how that workaround goes for you, so I can provide further assistance as required.

Best Regards,

Dror Shem Tov
Waves Technical Support

Now this i s where it gets sticky !
my current project is a mix not a recording i did but a simple mix where i downloaded the files and themn imported them into my “Mix Template”
this template was concieved on cubase 10.5 .01.
so is the updated cubase at fault or is the waves v12. not compatible yet ???

but the work around works but why ???
it was a new project … only the template is old … like one year old

Anybody ???
pls help !!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

i feel sick …
i have to finish this job and i will , even without waves … no big deal
but what pisses me off is my workflow is well and truly compromised…
what must i do …
import files then cut and paste them onto new tracks ??
great that i only have small track counts, on any given day usualy between 16 an 32 recorded tracks ( on top of that are groups , auxes and busses)
heaven forbid a cinematic project with hundreds of tracks …(which is not, may i add in my pay grade )
jeeeeeeeeeeezus am i fed up
with the imminent arrival of cubase 11 i doubt very much steinberg can spare any support time for me …
so please somebody in here may give me some help

so the latest from this !

Hi Tony,

Understood -

At this time, We’ve seen that complete removal and re-installation of our plug-ins does not resolve this issue, as this is between the plug-ins and the DAW itself (Cubase).

Other than that, we are in-touch with Steinberg to have this matter resolved, prior to the release of Cubase 11 (by which, the fix will already be implemented in their software).

I’ll keep you updated regarding any further updates from us and Steinberg regarding a solution to this issue.

Best Regards,

Dror Shem Tov
Waves Technical Support

I’ll have a look a bit later when i build a new template but all my wave plugin’s rendered down and process as they should, that’s with the V11 and 12 on the latest version of win 10 -2004 build .

@ Modularnutter
as far as i understand if it works it works …
for some reason this problem is sporadic…
i cant think for the life of me how but it is what it is…
what i do know is i find it so annoying that both houses have not said anything (to my knowledge) of this issue…
a little knowledge can mean the difference of hours if not days of wasted time looking for solutions to a problem.
i had thought of clean installing my DAW… thank god i did not…
i can just about say in all fairness these things happen … i normally have no issues with my DAW while others do … so its my turn
the only thing is people spend good money on third party stuff and above all they do so in the faith that all will be ok… not so
neither steinberg or waves could have foreseen this and i lay no portion of blame on anyone … just the fact of no knowledge or no issues reported makes me feel… how can i say… left alone in the dark (cue song idea )
the job i was working on was finished on time with no waves vst and my workflow was not in anyway obstructed as bad as i thought it may have been… just different and that is good right ?
anyway …
we shall wait and see… meanwhile i have brought a product that remains useless until someone somewhere cares enough to shed some light on this annoying bug … fixing it would be better …