Waves Plugins off-screen when Wavelab runs in Full-screen on MacOS

I’m seeing this now in Wavelab 10 with Waves plugins on MacOS (Big Sur 11.2.3 and possibly Catalina):

When running Wavelab 10 Pro in Full-screen, then opening a Waves v12 (v11 exhibited this as well) plugin, the plugin appears on a separate “Desktop”. When I switch back to the desktop where Wavelab runs in Full-Screen mode, the plugin is there. It’s not unbearable, but every time I open a Waves plugin, I always have to switch back to the Wavelab Desktop.

I’ve only seen Waves plugins do this, but only in Wavelab.

I’ve found that Waves v12 doesn’t yet support Wavelab 10 Pro.

I don’t use Waves anymore really but I do like using the Waves Dorrough meter when I’m working at 192k since the hardware Dorrough digital meters only go to 96k.

I haven’t even been able to get the Dorrough in Waves 12 to load in WaveLab 10 Pro lately. I’m not sure if this is a WaveLab fix or Waves fix but I’ve lost touch with my Waves beta testing connection and haven’t had time to write to their support ticket only for probably nothing to happen.

I did lean on them a bit that, this being the only plugin developer that uses support dollars that they seem to be the slowest to adopt newer DAWs and such. They passed it on. That’s as far as I could get. I have met a few people from Waves Israel before, but that was some time ago as well.

FWIW, simply running the “repair” option in the Waves Central app fixed this problem. I did finally take time to reach out to Waves support so I’m not sure if they fixed something behind the scenes or not but I had never noticed this Repair option in the Waves app before.

Now I can open the Dorrough meters if needed when working at 192k.

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