Waves Plugins Scaling Issue in Wavelab 9.5 [SOLVED]

I’m just curious if any of you are having the same issue I’m having; ever since updating to Wavelab 9.5, my Waves plugins are super tiny now, as if they all-of-a-sudden don’t scale properly in the updated version of Wavelab. And yes, my Waves plugs are all up-to-date. Funny too, because when I open up Cubase Pro 9.5, they scale properly. Is there something that I’m overlooking of that I should do in Wavelab or something to get this issue resolved…?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. If anything, I’ll post up screenshots either later on or tomorrow.

Waves plugins don’t support yet HDPI display, I guess.
Try this:

Dude, you’re a LIFESAVER!!! That option worked!!! They scale properly now. Thanks a million!!

Is this a Windows only setting? I have never seen it on Mac and still don’t see it now.

Windows only setting.