Waves plugins... sigh

I downloaded an updated version of Waves Mercury plugins today. Waves has the non-typical plugin “containers” that bundle plugins together for scanning. The VST plugins scan fine. Ironically, the VST3 plugins don’t scan properly. The first three VST3 containers scan ok, then VST3 containers 4 and 5 struggle. They scan very slowly and constantly display a dialog box to skip or wait. Any idea why Waves VST3 plugs don’t consistently scan properly in Wavelab? The Waves VST plugins scan without issue, in Cubase 10. Running on a Mac with High Sierra (all the latest OS and Wavelab updates).

Hi Ed …

I am aware of a possible issue where you have a V9 and a V10 version of the same plugin installed as a consequence of an update. If this is the case the remedy seems to be to simply uninstall one version.

I should add that the current update Waves version caused overall “weirdness” on my Windows 10 system … like hangs on shutdown, unusual messages on shutdown, etc. Because I don’t really use the Waves plugs I just uninstalled the whole Waves thing and the system immediately returned to normal.

I just wondered, do you mean you have 5 VST3 Waveshell files? I’ve only ever had 1 VST Waveshell file and 1 VST3 Waveshell file.

I’m using only V10 Waves, but I will add that as far as Waves installing 1 VST3 Waveshell, this is not really the case. In Programs Files (x86) there is only 1 V10 Waveshell, true, but in Program Files (64 bit) there are 3 Waveshell 10 dll files (Waveshell1-VST10, Waveshell2-VST10,Waveshell-3 VST10, and Waveshell VST9.7.).

In my system I chose to install ONLY VST3 versions and this is how it laid out. If you remove any of the versions I listed, Waves Central (V10) will not find all your V10 plugins.

But - since you said you were running Cubase 10 - there is something that will help you I think. In C10, as you open your Project header window under ‘VST plugins’, you will see many VST versions of the same plugin listed, both VST2 and VST3. Yep, and I only installed VST3 plugins. So what you want to do - to streamline things - is to remove the VST2 versions found in this ‘VST Plugins’ window. Right click on the VST2 plugin and it will show you where it is. Provided you have the identical VST3 version listed as well, go to the VST2 version file and delete it. Yes. If you are nervous about doing this, then set up a desktop folder and drag the VST2 file into it. What you will find is that now, when you REOPEN the VST Plugins window in C10, the VST2 listing is gone, leaving only the VST3 version AND C10 and WL will find it, no problem.

What I learned here is that WL9 takes it’s direction from C10 when it comes to Waves plugins, so it doesn’t skip a beat when you do this, it finds all the VST3 plugins that C10 finds - and - you will discover that C10 and WL9 now load the plugins faster, but there also seems to be a better cohesion with either program in regard to Waves plugins.Try it.