Waves Presets to MediaBay - Teamwork - Penultimate Update

Since the MediaBay is great to manage presets, I’m converting Waves presets to MediaBay presets.

If you see ANY typo or any problem at all, please inform me, so I can correct it and repost it.

To join this teamwork, just share your converted presets here. Thanks for your collaboration :slight_smile:

Unzip all the files and put them in a “Waves” main folder here:
C:\Users[your user name]\Documents\VST3 Presets

Fortunately, Voyageur made a little script that converts ALL the presets faster than a human can.
Check his posts:

ONLY the Element Synth presets are missing. Who can convert them?

RULES (for organization and compatibility purposes):

When converting factory presets to MediaBay presets, please follow these guidelines:

  • Save each presets with the exact same name as the factory preset (upper and lower case included).
  • Save those presets inside a “Waves” folder, inside the dedicated plugin folder. This way, the user can distinguish the Waves factory presets from his own presets.

CLA-2A added, and info updated in the 1st post.

Thanks for starting this. I’ll try to add some in the next week.


I created a little script with an utility to automate the creation of VST Presets (basically, it emulates clics and key presses but more faster than a human could).

Here are 9445 presets for the complete Waves Plugins, except the Element Synth.
Each plugin’s has its own folder with eventually subfolder for subcategories of presets (they are named the same as Waves presets + eventually the name of the subcategory)

Hope this helps.
Waves 3.zip (1.56 MB)
Waves 2.zip (1.44 MB)
Waves 1.zip (703 KB)

That’s awesome. Does your script work for Komplete?

It works for any plugin wich has selectable presets with mouse.
Waves 6.zip (1.76 MB)
Waves 5.zip (1.68 MB)
Waves 4.zip (1.17 MB)

And finaly (12 points goes to …)

Here is the final part.

Have fun.
Waves 7.zip (966 KB)

Is it something you could share? I’d love to get things like Komplete, BFD, SSD and Superior Drummer into media bay.

Thanks for posting those presets :smiley:

Awesome, Voyageur! Thank you so much for this :slight_smile:

Can you please share that little script, so we can use it on other VSTs?

excelent! tks