Waves Scheps Omni Channel UI


I bought this thing based on some glowing reviews on the UI. I waited until the price was right, which is now. Anyhoo…

The deal is that the UI is as much -task- oriented as -function- oriented. It’s the exact opposite of Universal Audio.

For example UA focuses on the perfect emulation of the vintage hardware and then it’s up to the user to learn how to use, say a Fairchild 670 and an LA-2A and a Neve and on and on.

But with the Scheps, you select a compressor type a preset all the modules snap into place. OK, that’s not revolutionary. But the UI then lights up at the parameters that Andrew Scheps wants you to pay attention to–ie. the key pieces. It’s a fantastic learning tool and worth the price for that alone IMO.

But beyond that, because all the compressors use the same controls, whether you’re using a VCA or a FET or OPTO ‘model’ your brain doesn’t have to spend hours/weeks months learning/translating between an LA-2A and an 1176 or -whatever-. And you can change the order of components just by dragging them around.

Finally, the presets are -really- good. I was initially skeptical that they did much real ‘coding’ under the hood. But whatever, the thing provides a great deal of instant gratification.

I think we’re reaching a point where the novelty of ‘vintage’ is wearning off and the benefits of -consistency- is becoming more important.

Anyhoo… my F/R is to develop a channel strip–using the existing S/B channel strip components. But -study- the Scheps Omni channel–particular the highlighting function. I think this sort of single window UI could be a LOT more efficient way to work than having separate windows for a comp. and an EQ and a gate and… etc.