Waves Soundgrid Server, MBox3 + Asio4All


I’m completely new to Cubase, but I have no question, I want to share an experience, I did with my setup with my Waves Soundgrid-Server (it’s actually a DIY-Server with Intel Lake Coffee = similar to Waves Extreme). Other Components:

  • Cubase 12 Pro
  • Mbox3
  • Driver: Asio4All
  • Waves V14

The Setup works perfectly (96kHz) with zero latency with MBox3 buffersize max. 2048. My test routing in Cubase was:

  • 10 plugin instances of Studio Rack in series on one Channel
  • every Studiorack with one instance of Abbey Road Plates, completely Dry but active.
  • Phase inversion of a parallel Channel with same Signal

Result: both signals canceled each other completely.

For larger buffer size (I don’t need) I have clicks & cracks appear in the signal path with the StudioRack-Inserts. Cracks also appear without any parallel Channel, so it has nothing to do with Latency.
In Pro Tools and Studio one I did the experience, that only a few instances of StudioRack in series are “allowed”. If you have one instance too much, you immediately hear the latency.

Perhaps this helps others, who want to build a smiliar Setup.


Mainboard: Gigabyte Z590 Vision D, CPU: Intel i9-11900K, OS Win10