Waves Tune Plugin for Cubasis 3.3 Android available?

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is there a posibility to get the Waves Tune Plugin also for the Android Version of Cubasis 3.3 (in the iOS Version its included free). It seames, that the Android Version will be every time the worst one.

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It’s free? I paid for it just the other week……gotta say, I’ve played around with it extensively and can’t get it to do anything noticeable other than act like a chorus? Was going to make a post about it……

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As of yet the available Waves Plug-in Bundle and Waves Tune RT in-app purchases are exclusively available on iOS. Alongside, they do not come for free.


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The Waves plug-ins are optional iOS in-app purchases which does not come for free.

To learn more about how to use the Waves Tune IAP, please check out our available tutorials:

How to Record Killer Vocals with The New Waves Tune plug-in in Cubasis | Cubasis 3.2

Extended MIDI Routing and Waves Tune RT | What’s New in Cubasis 3.3

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