Waves Tune problem after moving audio events - Artist 8.5

I have Waves Tune plugin on some vocal tracks and it works great. I decided to remove a section of a track (the third chorus in the middle of the song) because it didn’t fit the tune. So, I cut everything for those 12 bars, and moved the rest of the audio over in the edit window. When I did this, most of the edits I made with Waves tune were gone from the final chorus, and any other vocal tracks–but only on those parts that were moved (either copy/paste or cut/paste or just dragged over).

Any suggestions? I tried a few things already: turning off all the Read automation before cutting/moving; bypassing the plugin before doing the edits, etc. It just seems like Waves Tune doesn’t like it when you move an event after putting the plugin on.

Windows 10 64-bit | Cubase Artist 8.5

This is a case of read the manual on the waves! You can let it rescan the moved section!

Haha vinark…well said :slight_smile: