Waves Tune Real-Time vs Cubase's Pitch Correct

Waves are offering the Waves Tune Real-Time plugin for 29,50 USD right now. I frequently use Cubase’s Pitch Correction plugin and am quite happy with it. But I would be very interested in input from someone who has had the opportunity to use both.

Is Waves Tune Real-Time a worthwhile upgrade over Cubase’s pitch correction plugin?


Waves software products are available to try as fully functional 7-day free demos.
Just try it for yourself


Yes, that is always an option. Still interested in some opinions from actual users, though.



I use both tools, albeit in an ignorant way.

Waves Tune real-time plugin, I prefer for wholesale pitch and scale correction. Nice that there’s no analysing process to wait for. Nice visualisation can see what it’s doing - showing the scale on a keyboard graphic etc. And especially the midi-input feature: I can record the vocal melody into a midi track then use it to control the vocal audio. I only use it for composing or demo’s. Not final production, unless I want the robot/auto-tune sound.

Cubase’s Variaudio, I like for manually editing individual notes’ pitches. I understand it has the advantage of connection with the chord track and scale - but I’ve not actually had much success with that. The segmentation is often wrong, and is time consuming to correct - the tools are awkward. I don’t like that you have wait while Variaudio analyses a whole file, when i just want to do surgery on one part. I guess I could bounce first. And having lots of variaudio data seems to put a drag on the whole project, and it’s laborious to remove/print once you’re done with it.

Waves Tune REAL-TIME at $29 is a good price. I’m seeing it at $59. And list price is $200.

Take care not to confuse the three different Waves Tune plugins. Compare the features here…

Waves Tune LT, at $29 is not real-time, and does not have the midi-input feature.

The demos are definitely worth checking out.

The question was about oitch correct, not variAdio though.

Hi misnoma,

Thanks for a really good description of WTRT. I am aware of the various flavours in the Waves tuning plugins.

And of course, as svennilenni points out, I was not asking about Variaudio, which I have never used, but the Pitch Correct plugin.

WTRT is available - or at least it was, yesterday - for 29.50 USD, when using a halfprice code.


I’ve used both, and I would say I prefer Waves Tune. Cubase’s Pitch Correct only works up to a certain level, before you start hearing artifact issues. Waves seems to feel alot smoother no matter how hard you drive the pitch. But that’s just me.

Thanks, GNP, very good summary.



OK, today Waves offered one 29 USD plugin for 1 USD if buying two. So I pulled the plug on Waves Tune Real-Time (and got me their Hybrid EQ for 1 USD). Trying it out, I can honestly say that the difference between Cubase’s Pitch Correct ant WTRT is enormous.

This may have been the best 30 USD I’ve spent for quite some time.


Waves tune sounds great, but is a pain to use due to horrible interface.
Melodyne is still my favorite even thou it introduces some artifacts to high frequencies. But is much better than VariAudio

Oh yeah, sorry, I never even knew there was a Cubase Pitch Correct plugin! :confused: