Waves tune rt not working

I’m not getting waves tune rt to work at all. I”m understanding it ought to be working as an insert effect that I can hear real time, like reverb or anything else. I’m wondering if I, just overlooking some setting that ought to be obvious, even after reading instructions and watching tutorial. Can anyone check from this screenshot?

When I play the track, the section showing the note responds visually. It just doesn’t apply any change to the sound.


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You have the Midi Routing selector turned on, you need to turn this off if you are just using it for audio, it is the blue tab with the letters M A situated on the middle right of Waves plugin. Only use this if you want to control the audio using MIDI, but to get you going - tap on the Waves: Tune RT tab (left column), tap Factory Presets and select Quantized Correction, you should now hear auto tune working, you just need to experiment by using the factory presets and adjust them to your liking and save it in the My Presets section if you want to use it in the future.
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You may check out our Waves Tune RT tutorial too…

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