Waves V12 crash cubase 12, anyone else?

Simple as it sounds: whenever I open waves plug-in on Cubase 12 its graphics are all weird and the mouse pointer came quite locate the buttons and after a minute or two Cubase 12 crashes.

I’m having a similar issue, except the plugin screen is blank and I have to force quit Cubase. I found this while researching:

If you have duplicates of Waves plugins resulted from updates it can also cause problems in DAWs (not only in Cubase). To fix it open Waves Central → Settings → Version Organizer → Run.

I followed those steps, but I still get the same problem with the plugin screen going blank and having to force quit Cubase. I haven’t found any resolve yet.


Update: I checked the Waves site and it looks like they’re not supporting Cubase 12 yet. Have emailed Waves to see when we should expect to see these plugins work. Guess I’ll run 11 for the time being

Mac or PC?

Mac here. Ive got a 16 track project open right now with an instance of SSL EV2 on every channel, I can see three instances of the API-2500 (one which I have open on screen along with the EV2), and the SSL Bus Comp on the master output. All look and work as they should in Cubase 12.

No problem here.
Diamond pack and others.
Win 11.

Win 11. My Waves plug-ins seem to work but will on occasion will freeze up and the only way forward is Task Manager.

I’ve seen this. Uninstall all waves plugins and then re-install. Make sure to only install the VST3s (only saying this to copy the exact process.).

That fixed it.

Mac here

I’ll give it a try

Didn’t work :frowning:

Dang! I’m stumped then.

If it were Windows there are Systems Graphics (Display) setting that might come in to play, but on a Mac that shouldn’t be an issue.