Waves V14 activation with pre-21H2 Windows 10

Looks like Waves is flipping off all of us still using Firewire, by requiring Windows 10 21H2 for V14 of their plugins. I got V14 installed OK and they show up in Waves Central but they don’t activate. I put a ticket in with Waves support, but I’m pretty sure of what their answer will be. I don’t suppose anyone else using Firewire has discovered a workaround?

Update: Turns out to be pilot error (big surprise there!). I thought I remembered, and it looks like you should be able to, activate from within Waves Central. Turns out you still need to activate from the website before activating with Waves Central. Mia culpa. I jumped to conclusions when I saw their system requirements stating that Win 10 21H2 was the minimum Windows OS supported by V14, and V14 installed fine but I couldn’t activate. Lesson learned.

Damn, there goes my excuse not to pay for WUP this year.

Oh my. Apparently I haven’t been paying enough attention. Are you saying Firewire will stop working with the Windows update?

I haven’t been able to get it to work on anything past 1909.

Latest Windows 10 here. (Always). No issues at all with FW.

Wow, really? Good to know. I’m going to have to investigate this further. Are you using the Legacy driver?

No. Always latest drivers. Latest Firmware etc.

I should clarify: the legacy IEEE 1394 Firewire driver (controller actually), not the driver for your interface. Most people, including me, had major audio issues with the newer Windows 10 1394 controller, that’s why they issued the legacy version from Windows 7.


Yes I understood you. No all fully up to date and no legacy here. I don’t know about “most people” having issues. Sorry can’t help more on this.

Firewire is currently working fine for me



Yep, same here …

Win Spec

By the way, this is on an ancient system (x-58 chipset, 1st gen i-7) and an ancient interface (Focusrite Pro 40). I can’t really believe it’s working at all, but … “if it ain’t broke …”

Gigabyte motherboard with built in TI chip.

It would be a good idea to rename the topic, since it turns out that the origin of the problem is not Waves V14…

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