Waves Version 7 and 8

Have just installed Wavelab 8. It seems that using any Waves plugins version 7 and 8 cause an abnormal end. I have never upgraded to version 9 because there is always instability when one changes Waves Plugins in any way.

Waves wants $624 from my to provide version 9. Is there any way out of this?

I’m confused. I thought the Waves Licenser (V9) would load what you owned, that it didn’t demand that you upgrade the product.

Maybe I’m the one confused. I thought that to get Waves licenser V9, I would have to upgrade. Will V9 licenser solve my problem though? Do I not need the latest versions of the plugins for WL8 to be able to load them?

Could I possibly be the only WL8 user in the world still using Waveshell 7 and 8?

I should also say that I’m running on a Mac on 10.8.3

Let me explain. V9 - and all the plugins you own by name, ‘SSL4000’, ‘Kramer Tape’ etc., are installed on your system during the V9 install. In fact, it’s the V9 engine that lists all the plugins you might own - and - as you select the ones you own, they are updated and installed along with the V9 Licenser. All the other V7, V8 plugins are now obsolete to V9.

But you will need to MOVE the ‘keys’ to the versions you own - they will be sent to the Cloud within the V9 Waves License Center - and place these ‘keys’ onto either a HD or a flashdrive, your choice. Then when C6 opens, it will find the V9 wrapper and all your plugins.

True, there are people here that are using the V8 installer, but I don’t know why. Well unless the plugin is obsolete? I mean, I might misunderstand the Waves update program, but for me, when I bought my 32 bit plugins, the 64 bit versions arrived within the year and I moved right into the 64 bit versions. I am thinking that Waves would at least give the owner the option to use either 32 bit or 64 bit plugins? Contact Waves about this.

Or try it, the V9, and see. All the earlier installers are available, you can revert to them if you run into a problem.

Finally, you will need to hide/move the V8 wrapper and it’s plugin versions from Cubase - such that it only finds the V9 wrapper. Me, I just deleted V8 & it’s plugins when V9 was up and running.

Thanks very much for all that. However, it is precisely the problem. They won’t allow me version 9 licenses unless I pay them, i.e. make my Waves Update Program current. I have to stick with what I’ve got before I can get the V9 plugins or licenses.

I believe that you got the 64-bit versions as you were inside your 1 year of free updates.

I also can’t ask their support people any questions as I am out of warranty…bit of a stalemate

Wow, that’s buggers.

I don’t know how many plugins you have - from the upgrade price it seems like alot - but you will have to figure something out. I would think Waves would be a bit more helpful here. And, yes, when I bought my very first plugins, I was told they would update to 64 bit within the following year and they did so it worked out for me. It’s a shame there’s not a better solution for you. Sorry, Brother!