Waves vs Fab Filter vs Cubase stock plugins

What is your preference Waves vs Fab Filter vs Cubase stock plugins? Are you a hobbyist?

  • Waves
  • Fab Filter
  • Cubase Stock plugins
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  • I’m a Hobby Musician

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This is a very general question and would like to hear different responses.
Are Waves vs Fab Filter worth the money or are the stock plug in’s for Cubase fine? Would be great to know your reasonings.

Is there a compressor really worth that much more money? Or is their EQ really worth that much more money?
I never used them and I don’t care about flexibility. I am just after sound quality.

I appreciate your responses in advance.

To me it’s all about workflow. If you’re happy with the stock plugins then go for it, it’s a personal thing. I’m at a new studio this year who don’t have all my extra plugins and I’ve managed to do the same job using just stock plugins. There’s plenty of options now with compression styles, EQ and reverb which to my ears don’t impose any ugly sonic characteristics plus they’re low on CPU. But I do miss the cool UI of Fabfilter and it’s adjustable analysers, Waves also has some cool options so to me thats the difference.

Even though fab filter sound great I have my templates setup with waves, so go to them through habit and workflow. Plus I have controllers mapped to them to give me fixed channel strip controls per channel.

Moved from Logic a year ago and I’m not overly blown away with Cubase stock Plugins. However, as I use the waves bundles I’ve not really invested much time in them either to give a valid opinion.

I do love the concept of having channel strip controls in Cubase but the included Plugins within the strips just don’t act how I expect. I really should spend time to learn them better.