Wavesfactory Trackspacer plugin

Anyone use it here?


Hi @knmack681 !

Are you just generally a happy person, or do you really like it? :smile:

Wondering … do you combine it with any other native Cubase plugins, maybe the Voxengo one (CurveEQ)? Single tracks vs. sub mixes, vs. whole mixes?

I’m just a weekend warrior when i have the chance, looking for ways to quickly get a mix I’m not ashamed to play for friends and family, seems that plugin could help. Apologies for basic questions that don’t exactly make sense in this scenario!


I was using Waves C6 to make space for a vocal but found it easier to use trackspacer,
I just have all instruments (except bass and drums) sent to it…that’s it really…I don’t combine it with any other plugins, can’t see why I would do that,
cheers, Kevin

Excellent, @knmack681 , thank you!

I was a big fan of it but you have to use it sparingly. I used 7 instances in a project and it dragged my M1 pro to its knees lol swapped them all for LFO tool via patchwork and got 50% of my power beck in a C12 native project.

It’s can really use a lost of CPU once a few of them are in a project,

I don’t think I’m going to use it much again. I really liked it but I just wasn’t paying much attention to what it was doing power wise. I might use it once or twice in a project but no more than that. For sidechaining a kick or something LFO Tool is more efficient, not as nice or cool, but efficient.

Soothe2 has a side chain now which does the same as TrackSapcer but used a lot less CPU.