WaveShell1-VST3 13.1_x64 blacklisted in cubase 11.0.41

Cubase 64bit 2021.12.11 (775.5 KB)

Impossible to reactivate // last version of wave central

Thanks for your HELP

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Did you talk to Waves already, please?

at least some information about the OS and the Cubase version would be nice…

Yes i sent a message but no return

Use Windows 10 and cubase 11.0.41

User / config issue, 13.1 work fine here on Win11 all plugins appear in Cubase 11 Pro

Use also UAD APPOLLO, cant run on WIN 11 for now…

Your topic is extremely confusing, please be clear on your ask:
1 - You can’t install Waves Central 13.1 and therefore not activate plugins?
2 - You can install Waves Central 13.1 but you have license activaiton issues in Waves Central?
3 - Waves Central does everything correct, but your plugins do not appear in Cubase, while the do appear correctly in other applications?
4- What does your Apollo have to do with all of this.

1/2 are Waves problems, nothing to do with Cubase, 4 also has nothing to do with Cubase.
for 3 you need to look into your plugin manager and check blacklist / plugin paths

Everything is clear, you have just to read the topic name!

When i install a V13 wave plugin, it’s blacklisted in cubase, and when i try to validate it, cubase crash…

Everything’s good with my wave central, plugs installed correctly…


Much better description, now. Thank you.


I have the same problem, Win10 64, latest versions of Nuendo 11.0.41 and Waves Central…

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Could you attach a DMP file, please?

I also have the same problem: WaveShell-VST3 13.0_x64 is blacklisted after plugin manager scanning. Also I get crash when I try to reactivate this plugin in plugin manager.
Here is my dmp file:
Cubase 64bit 2022.1.4 (1.4 MB)
Hope it will help.

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I can confirm, this plug-in is in Waves:


System requirements on the Waves site:

Currently, having a Windows user account name that includes non-English characters may prompt a Waveshell error message while scanning V13 plugins in your DAW.
We are working on a fix for this issue.
Workaround: Create a new Admin user account with English characters only,

Please check if this is your problem…

I’ve got the same problem, thanks for your answer.

Did anyone ever solve this? I’m having this issue right now and getting nowhere, despite trying everything that I can find on Google, and having a Waves guy take a look at it for the best part of two hours. It’s a complete showstopper for me, and I need an urgent solution.