Wavestation "SkiJam" patch not in sync with tempo

all of the wavestation patches play fine axcept “jamsync” is out of sync

so here I uploaded 2 examples with click:

this is SkiJam, out of sync:

this is Pahrao’s Jig, all in sync like the rest of the patches:


Probably, there is a Sync parameter in the WaveStation VSTi. Enable it.

It’s enabled. Disabling it makes wavesequences play at same tempo not synced to project.

With sync on, skijam is always like 20% slower than project tempo

Sorry, I cannot download the files.

When you say 20%… Does the tempo change when you change the tempo in the project? If yes, then I would say it’s by (sound) design. 20% is 5-tuplets. Are is it maybe 33% = triplets (which is much more common)?

This patch on the vst seems to loop over 6 beats rather than 4.

Anyhow it’s a very recognisable first patch on a very famous synth…it must NEVER be used or the preset police will come for you.

Yea the tempo changes but always slower.
Wish there was internal tempo in wavestation vsti.

That makes sense why programmers perhaps screwed up making loop points from start to the end of 6th bar, instead if referencing 4 bars.

If it had its own
Internal tempo this would of been a great work around…

Oh and I never use wavestation presests in their factory state . Not even famous Mr.terminator patch haha