Wavetable selector macro page template

I’m trying to select the wavetable using the wavetable selector macro page template.
I have followed the instructions contained in the manual but without success.
What is wrong? Thanks in advance for any help!

Try to set the Product to HALion without the quotes.

I have already tried but is not working…
The scope I wrote is correct?
And is it correct that the “load From” is empty?

Where are supposed to be the “factory waveforms”? I tried to understand where they are them but I can’t find them!


Assuming the macro page is attached to the Init Program the scope should probably be:
@0:Init Layer/@0:Wavetable/

Not sure about the “/” at the end. You can try both with and without.

Easy way to set the scope is to select the zone in program tree and drag any parameter from parameter list to the scope field. Then click inside the scope field so you can edit it and delete the last bit which is the parameter id (e.g. @id:0001)

Yes, you can leave it empty.

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Thanks that works but I can see and load only the “Anima” wavetables, how Can I see and load my own Wavetables?

The manual is very confusing… at least for me!

I tried to create the path indicated but I can’t see and load anything!

This is what is reported on the manual:

You can also specify the name for your own product. When preparing factory wavetables as part of a VST Sound container, wavetables must be located in the corresponding folder Sub Presets/“Product”/Sub Presets/Wavetable/Wavetables/. In that case, only wavetables located in the “Product” subfolder are shown in the wavetable selector.|

|Load From|
Allows you to specify a sub path to define a subfolder (or path) inside your product folder. When delivering VST Sound containers that contain wavetables, these must be located in the corresponding path to be found.

Example: Path = “MyWavetables” in combination with product = “MyProduct”, will load wavetables from …/MyProduct/MyWavetables/.|

Do you have any wavetable user presets?

They should be saved in your documents folder.
Documents\Steinberg\HALion\Sub Presets\Wavetable\Wavetables

You can create subfolders if you want to organize them

I agree it is confusing but you should be able to load user presets when you set the product to HALion.

The MyProduct and MyWavetables are just subfolders I created in the standard user presets folder.

If I only want to see my wavetables I can use the Load From and set it to MyProduct. That’s while product is set to HALion. Or I can set the Product to MyProduct but I need to copy the wavetables to:

Documents\Steinberg\MyProduct\Sub Presets\Wavetable\Wavetables

Great it works, I have set up the menu as 'MyProduct"!

I’m trying to add in my Randomize Lua script also the wavetable menu, how can I do it?

thanks in advance for nay help!