Wavle lab 6 Essential and T-Racks/CSR

I upgraded to Cubase 7.5 today and had to re-install T-Racks/CSR to allow me to reinstall the 64 bit versions of the latter (odd, as I’d already installed them when I upgraded to Cubase 7).

Wanting to work on a .wav of a bass from one track, I went into Wavelab to do so. The wav would load without problem, but Wavelab won’t run anything from T-racks/CSR, telling me that there is an internal problem with each module I try to use, although it will run the 64 bit version of Absynth’s FX section.

Do I need to install the 32 bit version of T-Racks/CSR? And will this then foul up the 64 bit version I use inside Cubase?