Way off topic: Watch your back with Sprint!

Suppose I rented you an apartment. You’ve signed a one year lease and you are now happily 6 months into it. You paid your rent on time and followed all of the rules. Then one day you come home from work and find that I’ve taken your stove! :confused: You call me to find out what’s going on and I tell you that I**'ve decided to REBUNDLE the features of your apartment and your stove has been upgraded into that bundle. But you can have it back for an extra $175.00 per month!** How upset would you be? :open_mouth:

Well that’s exactly how Sprint does business! I got a new phone with the obligatory 2 year contract for their top tiered package. I’m 8 months into the contract and as of Monday I LOST THE ONLY CHANNELS I WATCHED on Sprint TV. Now they want to charge me an additional $10.00 a month to watch the same shows that were included last week! How is this even legal?!!?

I told them that I could’ve understood this if it were time for me to re-new my contract with them and they pulled this. But to just take the channels from me without warning on a fully complied with contract was outrageous! Furthermore, they should tell whomever was in charge of marketing that not only would I NOT BUY BACK my channels from this extortion but that I would go to NETFILX just to spite them and they could absolutely forget about me renewing my 2 year contract.

SPRINT SUCKS!!! Consider this your consumer warning!

I really can’t see how this is related to the business we are in …