Way to disable a "rogue" or crashing VST when loading project files

Hi there,

This week I am dealing with strange issues related to NI Kontakt. One of their instrument libraries “Thrill” is causing Cubase on my M1 Mac to crash as soon as the project loader arrives at that specific channel.

I was able to figure out the culprit by meticulously going through each channel via the “import from project file” function and loading in every single of my 70 instruments one-by-one until cubase crashed again.

There are certainly other VSTs that can cause this. What I would like to see in a future Cubase version would be a way to control wether a VST gets loaded into an instrument channel or not.

The reason for this is, in some cases I simply cannot create a new project from scratch and do the importing thing as I have already set up send channels, group routings and other settings in the mixer and master channel.

I simply would like to be able to continue on a project even when there is a problematic VST.


I guess this refers to sandboxing?

btw, You can ease the pain of that by using the split-half method.

Not to the point, but about Kontakt and ‘Thrill’: Works fine on my system.
Windows 11 - Cubase 12 Pro - Loading Thrill from Komplete and also straight from Kontakt.
Good luck!

Yep, if one knows the culprit and just needs to open the project to remove the problematic plugin, sandboxing could help. This has been requested before, so maybe you could place your vote there!

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Working with Dawesome support today to get an issue with one of their plugins resolved and they suggested me this:

In Cubase the preference in VST > Plug-ins > “Suspend VST3 plug-in processing when no audio signal is received” is enabled by default.
Please disable this setting and see if this changes anything? At least this is what Cubase recommends.

Unchecking this can really help. However, real sandboxing is a real difficulty. I haven’t seen any DAW that can handle this well enough. So it still remains a dream feature for now :magic_wand::man_shrugging: