Way to save EQ settings / how make cymbal swell

I have a couple questions:

  1. Is it possible to save and load channel EQ settings? I’m not finding a way here.

  2. How do you create a cymbal swell in the drum editor?

If you are editing a channel and have the window open, in the Equalizer section there is a grey bar. On the right, next to it, is a little grey cube, when you click it and scroll to the bottom there is something called “Save Preset”.

For 2:
If you have a cymbal sample without a too sharp attack, you can simply create a roll with increasing velocity.

Thank yous for both those pieces of information!

Another route would be to get a crash sample from mediabay and reverse that.
Indeed you should use a relatively soft sounding crash and additional tweaking might be necessary.
Than that reversed crash should be followed by a regular one with attack rolled off or softened.

You can also use the envelope shaper on a crash sample to make it a little less aggressive and use that sample in a roll.