Way to send audio and modulation signals between zones

I would love to see a way to be able to send audio and modulation signals between zones.

For audio signals:
An ability to send audio signal to another zone and make it available as an option in the 3 classic oscillators or in the future FM module.

This way we could send for example a Wavetable sound to do Crossmodulation with another oscillator. Another idea is to use wavetables or samples as waveforms for the forthcoming FM module.

For Mod signals:
This could be achieved with an option to send modulation signals to special Modulation Busses, made available in the ModMatrix as inputs in other zones.

This way we could use the LFO 1 of a substractive synth (as Zone 1) to lets say the playback speed of a Wavetable (as Zone 2).

What do you think?
All the best.




100% Presse


One simple envelope follower from zone to zone ! So that you can easily catch the rhythm from one zone to the other per threshhold :slight_smile: Thx