Way to Toggle "bypass" a Mastering Chain?

Cubase gurus (I recently switched from Logic and am getting up-to-speed on Cubase),

I have a VST-based mastering chain that gets fed submixes and works its magic before outputting to the master stereo buss (it’s 17 VST inserts via three Group Channels daisy-chained in “Mixer 2”). Problem is, there’s quite a bit of audio latency introduced due to all the processing it does. This is not a problem for mixing and mastering, but is during the creation / performance phase.

I’ve been toggling the “Deactivate” button on all 17 plugins when I need to restore low latency (that’s a lot of clicks to do each time), or changing the Output Routing of my “All Submixes” Group Channel to “skip over” the mastering chain works, too (though it’s a lot of mousing around as you have to navigate a deep menu structure).

Surely there’s a faster, “single click” way.

I’ve been trying to create a Project Logical Editor based Macro, but, alas, there seems no way to target the Mixer Channels. And, a general Macro, while having some Mixer functionaliy, does not seem to include “Activate/Deactivate” on inserts or anything dealing with the Output Routing.

Perhaps there’s a clever way to do this. Maybe the Control Room has some possibilities? I’d even entertain some sort of routing plugin that could do an a/b type thing.

Ideally, a single key combo, perhaps even mapped to a hardware controller toggle button, to switch between “mastering chain on / enabled” and “mastering chain off / bypassed” is what I’m looking for.

[Btw, not having my “mastering chain” available for quick access during my iterative sequencing / mixing process is not an option. I am so sold on the mixing “into the chain” approach that there is no turning back, nor words that will sway me. :slight_smile: ]



Constrain delay compensation button?

Brilliant! I did not know about this. Thanks very much for that.

Though, it’s not a final solution for me (even after trying different “threshold” settings) as it indiscriminatly disables plugins based on that threshhold, which for my mastering chain (the “random” parts it affects), creates a poor environment for cleanly auditioning new sounds, etc.

My hunt continues…