Wayland window ID proposal


  • Ubuntu 21 will use Wayland by default:
  • Wayland is a replacement for X11
  • Linux is 5% to 15% of sales for us vendors supporting Linux. A lot of those are based on Ubuntu-like distros.

Suggested change:

Currently the VST3 SDK provides X11 support via:
const FIDString kPlatformTypeX11EmbedWindowID = "X11EmbedWindowID"; ///< X11 Window ID. (X11)

Adopt one additional constant such as:

const FIDString kPlatformTypeWaylandWindowID = "WaylandWindowID"; ///< Wayland Window ID. (Wayland )

Now, what should be given to attach() ? There doesn’t seem to be a clear “Window” abstraction in Wayland. In first approximation, I think it could be a wl_surface but only implementation by hosts will make this crystal clear.


We are aware of the fact that Wayland is coming. Last time I checked there was no way to express what we need in any Wayland API. As long as we don’t know how to embed a plug-in window into a host window, there won’t be Wayland support. But maybe this has changed in the last 3 years I do not have time to look into it at the moment.