WE 8 Mac OSX.9 - does it even work?

I just bought and installed Wavelab Elements 8 for Mac.

Not going too well.

Launching for the first time, it hung on loading various plug-ins - some didn’t matter, Guitar Rig 3, Ivory… But it hung on Waves 9.2… I gave it several re-trys but it just wasn’t going past so eventually I bypassed Waves.

Tried to import an audio file - Wavelab apparently can’t see some of my hard drives, including my main Audio drive. No contents at all, though some other drives (including my Work In Progress Audio backup) are visible, so I loaded a file from there.

I loaded a Sonnox plug in, began changing parameters, WE crashed.

I loaded it again, this time it’s seeing my Audio drive. After a few minutes, it crashed again. Launched again, and it can’t see the Audio drive again.

Selecting the Audio drive in the File Browser causes WE to hang, and it has to be force quitted.

I really don’t have the inclination or time to bother with this. I only bought it because it gives access to the Sonnox plug-ins, and it’s on offer today (half price - but appears still not worth the price.)

It’s clearly a Windows application which has been reluctantly ported to Mac - is any Mac user having any luck with it? I’m on Mavericks, perhaps it’s not compatible? Minimum requirements are said to be 10.8, no mention of 10.9

WL 8.0.3 works pretty great here on 10.9.1 and WL8 is also said to be officially 10.9 compatible.

WL on OSX been a little fussy over the years with 3rd party plugins but I’m not currently experiencing any issues with Waves V9 (Diamond, API, Dorrough, & misc others), iZotope Ozone & RX3, UAD, Sonnox, PSP and others.

Is Wavelab not seeing some hard drives, or just the files on the drive? I have had some issues with OSX in general lately where navigating folders within an app (Logic, Pro Tools & Wavelab etc.), folders appear empty, but going back and toggling forward again makes them appear. It slows things down but it does work if you battle through it. At first it was just happening in Logic Pro X but now it happens in another apps. Not often enough to drive me too crazy but it does happen. Seems like an OSX bug. I’m not sure if this is related to what you mentioned though.

Thanks for the feedback. WL sees the drive, but not the contents - the catherine-wheel goes around in the file selector window, but nothing comes up. Select a different drive, and the contents are there. It seems pretty random. I’ve been on Mavericks for about 2 months and not noticed this in any other apps.

The good news is that I have installed the 3 Sonnox plug-ins into the VST3 plugins folder, and they work in Cubase and Nuendo, so job done really…

Do you have full WL8? I would like to have it for the DDP file functions but not if it’s going to be this much trouble…

Yes, I’m using WL8 full. Maybe PG can weigh in on some troubleshooting for the 3rd party app loading. My system is working great with a clean Mavericks install…and worked pretty well on 10.8.5 and previous. I know there were times and versions of WL8 that required you to wait longer than expected the first time authorizing a plugin for WL8. Maybe try launching again and giving it more time to authorize when you have time.

It sounds like the navigation bug you describe is very similar to what I’m having. I noticed it in Logic Pro X first when it came out, and it seems to have spread to other app now and then in Mavericks. All I can say is that going back a step and then forward again seems to help it along, but I don’t come across it enough to have much more info at this time.

I don’t do this for most apps, but for Wavelab I’ve developed a habit of just dragging files into the montage or edit mode from the Finder, works great.

Are you using the latest version 8.0.3?