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I wanted to take advantage of the 59 € update promo but apparently it didn’t work.
I received this:
"Please note that your last payment attempt failed.
We have rechecked your payment attempt and found that it was declined due to invalid 3D Secure authentication.
During the PSD2 change, payments may not be processed as smoothly as they were before the change. "
now the promo is over and thank you steinberg!
The same day I made two other purchases at thomann and everything went smoothly and my orders are on their way. It is with Steinberg that I encounter such problems

I also wanted to upgrade to Elements from AI and it took me many tries before it accepted my payment. I think it had something to do with the server maintenance issues. Keep trying.


The promo has been going for a full month.

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It’s not true, the update from 10.5 is 99 €

payment problems, elicensing problems, download manager problems, ouch

Most likely that last thing was due to pre-announced maintenance downtime, which has been now been completed.

not really 8:44 p.m.

9:28p.m. ok

Well, it’s 9:38pm somewhere in the world!

Did you know that Nepal is 11 hours, 45 minutes, ahead of GMT? Their time zone isn’t even measured in even hours!


India has 30 and 45 minute diffs too.


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