We Band of Brothers

This song is called “We Band of Brothers.” It incorporates “Henry V” by William Shakespeare.
The closest thing to describe it would probably be a Rock Balad.
How does the mix sound? I am particularly interested in comments on levels, EQ, compression, etc.
We Band of Brothers

A nice piece.

I think you could lose some of the delay on the vocal, it muddies it a bit (in my opinion).
The mix is pretty good, although I found the lead tone a bit grating after a while. Levels and
compression sound fine to me.

I like it :sunglasses:

It’s a beautiful piece. mesmerizing. I enjoyed looking at that great song pic while listening.

I agree that the lead sound becomes grating, and I thnk that’s because it never changes or evolves.
You might try doing a filter sweep here and there, or maybe layer that sound with another sound on certain notes,
to make the solo more sonically interesting.

Also, at the beginning I love those sound effects you use, the wind - the waves - the creaking wood, and I wished
there were a more organic instrument such as a flute or some pan pipes, rather than the synth sound you’re using.
But that’s just my preference. :slight_smile:

Nice piece!


Thanks for the tips!
At the beginning, I really want a whistle. Not like a referee :astonished: but an actual person whistling but I can’t whistle that high. Like “The Lady Wore Black” by Queensryche. Any takers? :smiley:
With the synth lead (when the drums come in), while mixing, I did notice it made my ears tired quickly. I am learning that the saws sound really great but get tiresome very quickly (especially when mixing!). I like the idea about using a filter sweep to take the edge off in some parts of the solo. I really like the resonance and feedback and would like to keep it for at least some of that synth solo. Maybe I just need to take my finger off of the key once in a while? :unamused:
Anyway, thanks for the help guys!

I like it too, I thought you could maybe use a bit more stereo panning and also a bit more bass on the crackling fx in the intro. Interesting song!

Dunno your signal path/FX for the lead, but you could simply revisit the EQ,
or whack it thru an amp sim or something until you mellowed it a little. :wink:

I made a few changes.
Replaced the “whistle” instrument at the beginning. Thanks for the comment Lenny. I found a VERY nice Shakuhachi in Kontakt Player (free!).
Changed the whole Chainsaw lead instrumentation. I used a softer saw for the chorus and went back to the guitar for the solo segment. I also used the guitar from Kontakt Player (it was Halion Sonic SE). Kontakt sounds very good, I just wish it had the articulations.
A couple other minor EQ/Effects tweaks as well.
Anyway, I invite you all to another listen!

We Band of Brothers


Yeah, that’s the ticket. :slight_smile:
Very enjoyable!
Thanks, JL

Sounds great, good effort :slight_smile: