We need a better export possibilities, maybe with a batch processor!

I find my self in the situation where I need to export rather big projects - +30 flows - as separate pdfs. And I need to name them according to the flow title! This is a really cumbersome process in Dorico because it has to be done manually.
In the best of all worlds this has to be done once, when I finish the project, but this is not how it works in real life. I get suggestions, revisions, changes of names and even complaints (!) from my customers and sometimes I need to print/export to pdf several - 3-6 - times before the client is happy.
Wouldn’t it be possible to have the Flow name as a wild card in the Export Filenames dialog? And would it be mad to hope for some kind of batch-processor that could automate the whole process, with destinations-path, filename and so on?
The export functions in Cubase are so elaborate and can serve as an example how it can be done.

Regards Stig Christensen


If you need to export each flow from a project as a separate PDF, it’s definitely not very easy to do right now. I agree that we need some additional flexibility in this area (also to be able to export multiple layouts into the same PDF if you want to), and it’s something we’re planning to address in a future update, though I can’t say exactly when it will be.


That would be incredible useful, so I hope for a smart implementation soon!