We need midi out from instrument tracks!

The title says it all. Please add this so we can disable an instrument and send that midi to an out. I write stuff in the box and then send that out to hardware synths occasionally.

The instrument track is a combination of an audio track with a MIDI instrument
so it makes no sense to have an instrument track without the audio part
this would be called MIDI track and is already available
There you have the possibility to send the MIDI anywhere…

Ableton midi tracks hold a vst instrument and can send midi out as well. Why do we need the distinction between an instrument and midi track?. Just make them all midi tracks and add an instrument or don’t. Simple. Moving from Ableton is bittersweet. The midi functions of Cubase are so much better, but Ableton is so quick and easy to get started with. Tried Logic and realized it is logical in name only.

What you’re asking for, already exists:

Just add instruments in the VSTi Rack (rather than as “tracks”) while ensuring that your Preferences > VST > VST-plug-ins are set properly:

Nobody told you to do…

Moving on from old girl- or boyfriends often is …

But it generally doesn’t lead to the best results to tell the new mate what the old one did so much better… :crazy_face:

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Actually, I was visited by a ghost last night and he said that if I didn’t learn Cubase, something bad would happen. He also said a person on a forum would try to discourage me.

Thank you for the solution! This is actually an elegant way to solve the issue, and ultimately faster than Ableton for the same task. I did run into the issue where you have to click on the instrument name not the drop down menu and select no instrument to delete vsts from the rack. Wow, they need to fix that one. How about right-click anywhere on the instrument rack and select delete?? Stuff like that makes Cubase so hard at first, but I know I’ll get through it. And regarding the old girl comment, it’s not like this is a monogamous affair. I’m going to use both apps. Sticking with your analogy, I like to let her know up front that she has a lot of work to do. It makes her try harder. Ignore a couple phone calls, say ‘doubt it’ when she says ‘call me.’

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fair enough!