We need to be able to stop certain processes (like loading projects) while they're happening.

Sometimes you accidentally do something in Cubase that takes a long time, and then can’t stop it from going on and on with the process. Here are a couple examples that I’m sure many people can relate to:

  1. You accidentally load up the wrong project (a large project, let’s say) and so you need wait a long time for it to load, and it might crash Cubase if there’s another large project already loaded (which is a separate complaint seen over the years with Cubase). We need to simply be able to stop any session from loading up once it’s started. The other DAWs I’ve used enable you to stop loading new projects once you’ve started. This can happen to anyone, from the most seasoned pro to the newest user. Most of my sessions are immense and this makes me want to throw Cubase out the window when it happens!

  2. You copy a section of your project and paste it somewhere else, but you accidentally misalign where the tracks are and Cubase starts loading in all-new instruments and tracks, which can possibly overload and crash the project and/or take a huge amount of time. In composing sessions that regularly have 400+ tracks, for example, this can and does happen. We need to be able to stop this process immediately when it happens.

There are probably other instances of this kind of thing where you can’t stop Cubase once it starts doing something that’s time-intensive. Let’s put an end to this old issue. At this point when exporting a project and you want to stop, you can do it but it’s slow and sometimes takes a while before Cubase responds, which is also a very old issue…but at least you can stop it. Let’s bring this basic functionality to other parts of Cubase.Thank you!

+1 again… :wink:

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good idea +1

On my Annual List for 17… no wait… make that 18 years now. And it only gets worse as sample libs get bigger.

Damn. Now I have little hope. :frowning:

These are the kinds of things that make working for a living day-in-and-day-out on a DAW much more enjoyable and efficient.

Don’t give up hope.

I believe that one problem is that when a CPR loads, it hands off a lot of work to each VSTI to load samples, settings, etc. as a child process. At that point it can’t -force- the child process to terminate. Eg. it may send a message to Kontakt–which is loading a huge library–“stop loading!”. But if Kontakt doesn’t pay attention, nothing happens.

You can see this yourself when any new CPR loads… the thermometer is never correct because it can’t ‘know’ how large each VSTi will take to load.’

What I -wish- was that more VSTis were written like EastWest’s Play engine—which loads as a completely separate thread. So your CPR loads fast -and- you can Cancel sample loading if you want.

So it might be good if all VSTi devs had a conference to work this out. THAT would be a verrrrrrry good thing.

Interesting! This was not an issue in Pro Tools or Reaper – I could always stop loading a project if I started it accidentally. Might be a particular thing with the VST format?


+1 I always close a project, only forgetting there was another large project inactive in the background. Maybe to have the option to manually activate/deactivate projects :cold_sweat:

Add to this request the ability to abort starting Cubase in the first place. I occasionally start the wrong version or start Cubase when I had intended to bring up WaveLab. I’d love to be able to cancel the launch sequence in an orderly manner (with driver states intact so a reboot is not necessary).

i too had similar FR in the past,looks like easy task to accomplish,those little annoying workflow killer things that steinberg neglect for years.for example ,when having 2 or more projects opened and you close one and the other automatically loads

+1 awful workflow for both points considering this - if I make a mistake like this,I almost always force quit the program, before even letting it calculate the outcome of my actions…