We would like an Android app

VST Live has now become a very important part of our Live setup, but it’s really missing an Android app. Three of our musicians would like to use lyrics, chords or the tracks on a tablet, but we currently have to spend a lot of money on used iPads ourselves. In a direct price-performance comparison, we would therefore prefer Android devices if there was an Android app.

For this reason, I would like to once again speak out in favor of the Android app.



metoo :blush:

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And I would love to support testing and quality assurance if that would help to speed up the production and rollout process!

Me too!

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Defintely. An Android app would be really useful. A huge number of people are not in the Apple ecosystem.


Agreed. I’m so tired of iOS always being the default, particularly for any audio related app, even if that app is just remoting to other software or hardware. I get it, it’s easier for the developer because only one company makes all the devices. But it leaves out a huge number of users as you’ve shown. Or it means we have to do as you’ve done, go find old used devices that we use for one or two things and ignore the rest of the time.


I have been a bit out of the loop on technical development of Android so I don’t know if it has changed over the last 5-10 years or so. But from what I remember it is due to high latency, that renders Android practically useless for real time audio applications. Unless it’s just playing back some audio tracks.

@Bram_van_Rens If you’re not really up to date on the current situation, there’s no point in bringing up old claims in this context. I also use Android tablets in connection with other music software manufacturers and I don’t face such problems when using current hardware and software. This is one of the reasons why it makes perfect sense to develop an Android app for VST Live.


We will not develop Android extensions in the foreseeable future because of multiple reasons, sorry.

Not the answer we want to hear. Please try again.

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That’s too bad. We will therefore not be able to implement the planned scope of use for VST Live because we will definitely not buy Apple devices just because Steinberg ONLY supports this system.


Me too.
Developing for Mac is just lazy. In Europe a lot more users are Android than iOS. Makes no sense

I’ve been away for many months, though having seen some of the above comments I have felt compelled to write.

Yes, we have enough to be concerned with, with out interfaces and PCs.

YET ~>
The PRIMARY reason I will purchase a few used IPAD for band-members is because of the JAW-DROPPING “WEEKLY” magnificence we are all given by the VST LIVE Devs.

I have become a Steinberg Fan-Boy again after being away for near 2 decades, ALL DUE TO VST LIVE changing everything. (for me).

I too would, in theory, prefer an android app. However, there are VAST technical reasons why, for example, CUBASIS has more feature and is just waaay better on the IPAD.

I believe we all want to keep the DEV’s spirits high. "Focus’ and time almost always winning comes to mind.

And, we have been given a straight-forward ‘no fluff’ answer from the DEVs as well.
I’m taking a moment to recall the scores of "CAN-DO’s, and, "planned’, we’ve had as replies from them !!!-)

ONE EXAMPLE LINK, of the now countless great-a-Live-vibes :slight_smile:

THERE ARE TECHNICAL REASONS WHY THERE AREN’T MANY MUSIC APPS ON ANDROID OF NOTE. (that’s a generalization of course, I mainly mean, "reliability-comparable’ android apps. Apples to apples.)

It’s too bad about IPAD only… SURE! ~> Though, we want everything to WORK… RIGHT?

Heck, i might even warm to the IPADs as tools doing ONE THING.
NOTE: i do respect people’s finances, that needs be said on all this.

AN ASIDE: I am beginning to think through a LIVE system that doesn’t need, or benefit from a digital mixing console, rather using JUST RME interfaces AND VST LIVE PRO.

AND, down the road, maybe even auto-switching DUAL PCs in case of crash etc. – I better keep working to make money, and for a good Uninterruptible Power Supply, USB powered monitors an/or maybe XREAL or similar AR glasses too!-) The glasses are "almost there’ I believe!

Just starting out on thinking it through and hoping to learn on the “shoulders of giants*-)” by asking and posting here soon-ish. (as a separate topic!)

The initial reasoning being, for band members to do their own mixes, i don’t think i want them to have to go between the digital mixer’s IPAD app, AND VST LIVE Pro’s IPAD app.

VST LIVE PRO - tearfully amazing! I’m thinking about version 1.0 and where we are NOW *-)

best wishes to all
Soon enough: I’ll post in a new topic about VST LIVE PRO and RME interfaces (NO DIGITAL MIXER) in a NEW post, thanks.

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“Thanks for the flowers”, as we say :slight_smile:

We’v been (and still are) thinking as well :slight_smile:

In reply generally: I’ve posted at the link below, quicker than i thought i would - thanks for the motivation to get something up, for others to hopefully consider and write on, over time i guess.