Weak input signal

What can I adjust to increase the signal level into Cubase?
I’ve had this issue for years with Cubase, I crank my hardware mixers Buss output faders to 10 yet Cubase barely gets enough signal to create a recorded waveform, VU’s don’t get anywhere near -0dB.
Oddly enough when using the exact same recording setup Pro Tools gets a healthy signal and I have to pull the Bus sends down to around 5.

Is there some control to tweak Cubase’s input sensitivity? :confused:

Check to ensure that Cubase is assigned to and using the same audio interface hardware driver as Pro Tools.

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When I setup VST Connections Input/Output I select M-Audio Delta ASIO Analog Ins and outs.
Under Device setup VST Audio System I select M-Audio Delta ASIO as my ASIO driver.
Tried selecting Avid ASIO driver but received a Bad device error.
Not sure what I could change to boost weak signal? Nothings changed.

My Presonus hardware driver has a “control panel” that can be opened to adjust the sample rate, latency, and an input level boost. So my thought was that maybe you were using a different hardware driver when using Pro Tools versus Cubase and the “input level” was not set the same. Mine allows for a +12 dB input level boost. I need the +12 dB boost to be always set to “On” for me to have a high enough signal for Cubase.

Check these settings in your hardware driver and adjust accordingly.

The only other things I can suggest is if you have a preamp of some kind that you forgot to turn on while recording. Maybe you forgot to adjust that or to turn on the +48 volt phantom power to your mic?

Good luck.

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Thanks for trying to help. My delta 1010 is my sound card, it has software control, no boost, I have it maxed. No preamp except on my mackie mixer. Same settings set to -0dB for Cubase and Pro Tools yet somehow Cubase is preset to a much lower mix law (for lack of a better word)

So there it is, same mixer feeding into same sound card with exact same settings fed into the same PC yet one DAW sounds pristine and the other demanding a boosted signal.