Weak point with glissando pedaling

I have the case that my harp notes are only changing when then glissando starts.
It’s much easier for the player to just see the notes he/she has to change instead of the whole diagram.
Whenever I try to enter only the notes which are changing in the gliss with playback techniques, Dorico shows the whole diagram. Whenever I choose ‘appearance → note names’ in the properties panel, Dorico shows the name of all 7 pedal notes - not only the ones which changed.
This again takes a lot of time for the musician to read.
Isn’t there a way that Dorico only shows the notes which changed when entering in the properties panel.
Pay Attention: This only happens in front of glissandi. When you do that in a row of notes or chords, everything works fine.

I think the way it should be working is that it will show a “full” diagram (all 7 notes) if more than a certain number of notes have changed. The number in question will depend on the settings in Engraving Options:


If that’s not what you’re seeing perhaps you could attach a small example project that shows the issue?


Richard - you are fantastic…I NEVER saw this option ! Thanx so much…Yeaaaahhhhh