Wedge on "empty positions"

What is the best way to input a wedge (using the keyboard) in RH with no notes to attach?

Using the mouse and the dynamics palette works fine, but can it be done using the keyboard also?


Enter note input mode, move the caret to where you want the β€œ>” to begin, open dynamic popover with Shift+D, enter β€œ>”, adjust its length with Shift+Alt+Left/Right.

Invoke the caret!

Invoke Caret

Set it to the position you want, enter the dynamic, and then press Space to β€˜grow’ it along the grid.


OK! I left out the space. (When not in input mode the > makes a wedge directly so I thought it worked the same.)

In non-input mode, the hairpin is as long as the selection.

Caret, for sure. But since this hairpin aligns so obviously with the beats in the lower staff, it would be easier to add it there and then move it to the upper staff. I would select the start and end beats in LH, type >, and Alt-N.


Thanks. This is how I do it in Sibelius, but did not think of it in Dorico. Now I know.