Weird 9 > 9.5 upgrade problem. please advise.

Hey Everybody,

I just got the WL update finally and when I downloaded from the Steinberg store I got the new software download assistant. Okay, that’s fine. Everyone’s doing it.

I open it up, select Wavelab Pro and my 9.5 update downloads. I click “Open” and windows file explorer opens, I select the update file and it walks me through the instalation.

But the update is nowhere to be found. It’s not even in the Uninstall list, though WL9.0 is.

Tried reinstalling from the download assistant, but it says it’s already installed.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


By default it’s installed in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9.5\

Is anything inside this folder? Did you download the full 211.88 MB installer?

Thanks for the quick reply, Romantique.
The file that was downloaded by the Download Assistant is only 77.5meg. The dld meter says it’s complete, and the file is called
It’s in my dld’s folder, but keeps telling me that I make “no change” in the installer because it’s already installed.
There was no WaveLab Pro 9.5 created. Weird, huh?

Well you should download the full installer. The update you downloaded is for people who already have Wavelab 9.5 installed.

I kinda figured that…but here’s the thing…I just paid that update and these are the links they sent me…soooo…where do I get the “real” update file and activation code…ps…I’ve already input the activation code from the download…?

They sent you a link to the Steinberg Download Assistant. The Wavelab Pro 9.5 section has two downloads, the top one is the full installer (211.88 MB), which is the one you should download.

Fuuuu…as they say on the internet. Thanks for helping out, Romatique. I’ve just finished a stretch of chemo and have what we jokingly call “chemo brain”…lol…all good though…gunna live…still, …the Dumbening, huh?
Thanks dude.

Hi Romantique. I have same problem. Shop gave link to download assistant. Support Downloads page only shows one download available WaveLab Pro 9.5.25 Update. t says for full Installer I need to use St Download Assistant.
Where do I find the file you mention above " the top one is the full installer (211.88 MB), which is the one you should download."

Download the assistant, install it, then run it. It will allow you to download the full installer I mentioned.

I was expecting to not have to install the Assistant - yet another prog I’d prefer not to have on my PC.
I was wanting to just download the Full Install. Maybe a trial version and then add my Activation code.
Anyway thanks for your reply

Or go to your MySteinberg, where the complete installer should also be available under My Products > Downloads.