weird automation thing

Hi All,
Is this normal ? I’m automating a vocal track and in the space of a second or so I may lay down 5 points on a curve going up 2 db for instance. When I stop, the automation looks good. When I move on to the next line, the five or so points will turn into 2 or 3 and average the automation down. “dumb it down” to straight lines. I’m using an alpha track in touch mode and snap to grid is off. If I use the pencil, same thing. What am I doing wrong ?

Probably the first thing you’re doing wrong is not reading the manual, but I’ll get shot down in flames for saying that :laughing:

So… Automation Preferences/Reduction level, is what you need to find.

For clarity, automation preferences isn’t in the main preferences dialogue. You’ll find it under Project>Automation Panel (Press star in bottom lefthand corner of the panel)


Spoil sport :laughing:

If only there was a printed manual to read… :slight_smile:

Split and ParrotSpain,
Thank you for the point in the right direction. I did look at the manual but in the automation sections where I didn’t see it. I certainly may have missed it. I am generally a pretty good manual reader :slight_smile:
I gues this is normal for how my tolerances are set. I’ve recently moved from Nuendo where they default much lower, I never had to find it.
Thanks again. Very much appreciated.