Weird Behavior 8.5 Windows

On my desktop computer in the studio I created a parts at tempo 88 exported them and opened in my laptop at another studio…it was out of synce big time. I tried several things that have always worked in the past. They didn’t
I looked at the file in the pool and the tempo of one track was 120 and the other 87.12
I set the one track to 87.12 in the pool that didn’t work…went back to all the usual steps…Musiccal Mode, Hitpoints
nothing worked. Next day tried a similar procedure with a file created in Logic at 88…this time I went to the pool again it said 120…changed it in the pool before putting it into the arrangement…it locked down perfectly…
What’s happening?


Do you mean Audio loop?

What about Damole Rate? Do you use the same one, or do you resample it while import?