Weird behaviour with eLicenser Control Center


after I installed this version, following happened with my Absolute 3 programs:

when starting a DAW (no matter which) and not having plugged in my usb licenser, during vst scan a message came up “no valid license found”

so far so good - works as expected. but now the following: I plug in the usb elicenser and press “retry”. but the same message pops up - again and again. I can not continue with retry. I can only stop and start the application again. so with this version it is not possible any longer, to plugin the usb licenser later.

I installed an older version of e-licenser i found in the update of groove agent and now all is fine again, I can plugin the usb licenser later, press “retry” and the scan continues. It is a pity, you do not find older versions of e-licenser on the website. So I could determine, since which version this is broken.

My OS is Windows 7 64 Bit


Having the same issue trying to insatiate Absolute 3 instruments in Digital Performer and VEP on Mac.

Latest Mac OS, eLicenser, DP, VEP and Absolute.

When the message about the missing license shows up and the “Retry” button doesn’t help, please try to launch eLicenser Control Center.
It should cause all your licenses to be rescanned; this might also help the “Retry” button of your “missing license” error message to succeed…

Hi Dirk,

thanks for your answer, but let us check if I understand you right.

You mean, when the message with retry comes I should open the e-license control center each time ?

Sorry, I opened it up - dozens of time , made maintenance, repairs and all else until I got the idea to roll back the version of elicenser control center.

The only solution that helped was to go back to an older version. And as I see, the problem is confirmed through another person.

This proves for me that there is something wrong with this version.

Did you try to reproduce this issue ? I could reproduce this with GA4 and Halion. I am not willing to install the new actual version again and loose another hour figuring around. I prefer to wait until a version of e-licenser control center is available, that does not have this issue.

What I missed was the possibility to dl the previous versions of e-licenser cc.

Nevertheless, thank you for coming in.

Please feel free to correct me, if I missed or got something wrong.

For clarification:
With the latest update, we implemented some changes in the way the eLicenser Control runtime tests your licenses.
These changes do improve performance significantly in some situations, but, as you have discovered, cause some licenses not to be detected reliability in other situations.

I’ve filed a bug and we will treat it accordingly.

What I missed was the possibility to dl the previous versions of e-licenser cc.

Please check these links to the latest eLicenser Control versions that do not implement these changes:

Hello Dirk,

thank you very much. Your support is greatly appreciated.


I have two physical eLicenser dongles; one containing Cubase Pro 9.5 the other containing Absolute 3.

Non of my AU hosts see the Absolute 3 licenses UNLESS I have both dongles connected to the Mac. Are there some parts of the Absolute 3 license architecture that are tied to the Cubase license? Or is something really screwy going on?