Weird bug:3 top menus won't pull down

As of today, Tool Windows, Workspace, and Help pull-down menus cannot be pulled down. Cursor highlights as I roll over them but upon click they do nothing. File & Meters menus are fine. ??? :angry:
WL 10.0.30
Windows reboot did not help.

Reinstalled 10.0.30 in repair mode, now ALL MENUS ARE BROKEN. Never seen this before in any Windows software in 30 years. Steinberg, what the heck ?

Moved all windows from 2nd (extended desktop) monitor to the main monitor. Quit WL. Rebooted. Opened WL and menus work again.

Repositioned meters etc onto 2 monitors, saved Window Layout preset, and again all menus are broken.

Please advise

And the resolution/screen size of each monitor is…?

(not the same I’m guessing)

There’s other threads too about WL and multiple monitor support. The situation in your opening post does seem odd…

Sorry I can’t be of help.

I had to abandon my second monitor for the same reasons. Too bad.

  1. main display is 40" at 1920x1080 60Hz 12bit
  2. extended display is a 27" 2:1 ultra widescreen 2560x1080 60Hz 8bit

When I said menus are broken, what is happening is that the pull-down items in the menu are appearing somewhere offscreen. It’s as if WL doesn’t know which screen it’s writing to.

Too bad something like unsupported video has to have people abandoning their ways of working, or the program altogether.

Thanks for reading. Any support, Steinberg?

TRY TO REPLICATE THE BUG: Place any sub-window (even a sanctioned ‘Control Window #1’) on 2nd monitor, then resize the main WL window on your main monitor, then try to pull down the top menus. Moving/resizing the main WL window is some sort of trigger.

IN REVERSE TOO: remove all sub-windows from 2nd monitor, adjust main WL window on main monitor (resize it, maximize, Win-right arrow, whatever) and menus appear normal again.

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