Weird bug

Does anyone know why this might be happening? (Last few keystrokes are me trying to undo lol)


This happens sometimes, usually with dynamics. Select the text item, uncheck “Avoid collisions,” then SAVE and close. When you re-open, it should be fine.

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Unfortunately that has not worked in this case, but I’ll keep that in mind in case I encounter the same issue in the future. Right now, my workaround is to just insert a system break and then undo – that causes it all to reset.

Interestingly, nudging the element up and down doesn’t cause the problem, it’s only the sideways movement that triggers the anomaly. I don’t really have an explanation. Either way, thanks for the help!

If you can cut down the project to just the affected bars, e.g. export the layout for that instrumental part, then delete the surrounding bars such that only enough music remains to reproduce the problem, and then attach it here, we’ll take a look and see what in particular is going on there.

Alright sure, here you go. I’ve had to leave the second page in since deleting any more music causes the issue to go away. The problem is in the ‘rim shot’ text at bar 23 (second system).

Percussion Part Troubleshooting.dorico (782.7 KB)