Weird Clicks during Playback

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried to import an .xml file from Musescore into Dorico. However, upon testing out the playback, I notice that there are some points where a weird click occurs (last beat of Bar 4 and the 3rd beat of Bar 8) and the audio vanishes. This problem doesn’t occur anywhere else in the piece, so I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something.

I’m curious to see if anyone else encounters the same problem with the file? Anything I can do to resolve it?
Lament in (22.9 KB)

Thanks for your help!

Your project plays back with no extraneous clicks for me, using either the default ‘HSSO + HSE (Pro)’ playback template, or NotePerformer. It might simply be that you need to increase the buffer size you’re using slightly in Edit > Device Setup.

I see. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that!