Weird compatibility problem with N8.2 and N7 sessions


I copied a Nuendo 7 whole session (with audios)to another HDD and tried to open it in Nuendo 8.2 but It opens a missing file window showing a lot of edit audio files missing. When I try to locate the files in the session edit folder it says that the files are corrupt. Even if I try to open these files in the original edit folder (old HD), it says that the files are corrupt. When I try to open the same copied session in Nuendo 7 , everything works fine. I did that with 4 different HDDs (internal and external) with the same result, BUT ( and here comes the workaround) , if you open the copied session with Nuendo 7 and SAVE it (in the new hard drive), the new session opens fine in Nuendo 8.2 with no files missing. Can anybody repro this and/or SB take a look at that?




What is the change you made? Am I right that:
A) You copy the project to the new location on thy system level => This cause the problem.
B) You save the project from Nuendo 7 to the new location => This works.

Am I right?

How did you save the project? Did you really just save it or did you use the Back up Project function?

Could you share a small example of the project, please (both, copied, and saved)?

What OS do you use? Mac/Windows? How is your drive formatted (FAT/NTFS/APFS)?


U R 100% right.
I Opened in Nuendo 7 at the new location and saved it. That´s it.

Project opened in N 8.2 created in N 7 new HD.JPG

Thanks for taking a look at this.


I’m on Windows 10 Ultimate