Weird condensing behavior

For some reason, sometimes condensed staves show alterations for every single note; but when changing engraving things like system breaks, those alterations appear or disappear.

(Can’t upload a video here to show an example. Anybody know how to post a video?)

Project files are more useful troubleshooting tools than videos:

Thanks for your response and for reminding me about project files. The thing this time is that I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem when cutting down a chunk of the project; for some strange reason this only happens when complete and I can’t upload the whole project because of copyright restrictions I have regarding this specific project. I’ve been trying to reproduce the issue with a segment since yesterday. I’ll keep trying until I can reproduce the problem another way.

I finally did it! Wow, it took at least 33 scenarios to get there, but finally I could reproduce it again. Here it is; please look at rehearsal letter «E» in page view.
Example.dorico (1.0 MB)

Sorry for the long delay in coming back to you about this, Josue. I’ve been able to take a look at your project, and the problem is one we already know about (our ref: STEAM-8569). The problem is that when change key from two sharps to three flats, the lower divisi section isn’t shown at that point, and this causes Dorico to get confused about the key in the lower divisi staff, causing it to think that all of the notes require accidentals. This is something we need to fix.

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Thanks for your response and the information.