weird cubase main window issue

First of all, I use a Dell M6500 Precision laptop, Windows 7 x64, with a nVidia FX3800m, and I use a second “screen” via DisplayPort (connected to a Matrox DualHead2Go DP Edition, which drives two 1600x1200 screen, presenting a 3200x1200 screen to the laptop) in addition to the laptops main screen 1920x1200.

Once, I started Cubase, but the main window didn’t appear. All “always on top”-windows were there (like the transport, generic remote devices) on their usual position across the display workspace, but the main window (usually stretched across the whole workspace) did not apear. The Task Manager showed the Cubase process running. Even the App Symbol in the Taskbar was not there!

I know of tools which (re)places app windows in the main screen, if opened outside the main screen, but these didn’t bring back the main window.

Somehow, I managed to bring the cubase app window back, I can’t remember what I did. But since then, when I close cubase, the main window immediately dissapears, along with the taskbar app symbol, whereas all “always on top”-windows remain on screen, until I focus (left click) another app, or the desktop.

The Task Manager still shows the Cubase process running (shutting) down. And as I have the Cubase crash on exit problem, after some time, I get a popup, that cubase crashed.

What is going on here with the main app window suddenly? Does anybody have an idea?