Weird divisi behaviour when there's a solo above long notes

I’m engraving Albinoni’s Adagio, and there’s a big stretch of music where some of the first chairs pop in and out of solo over long tenuto chords.
The fact that, by design, the “change divisi” option adds a staff below the current one, and not above, breaks the ties in a pretty ugly way, and it’s quite a pain to edit in Engrave mode.

I’m juggling the layout, but because these soli often overlaps, when I fix this issue in one instrument it pops out for another. Plus, when the solo ends and the unison is restored, it’s quite unclear what should happen musically.

Galley view of the same spot:

Am I doing something wrong?
I know putting the new empty staff below the current one is intended behaviour, but wouldn’t it be possible to have a choice? Otherwise I’m forced to use Ossias, but they don’t work very well with staff labels and they don’t play back.

On a single system, only the first divisi change will take effect. What I think you will need to do is organise the divisi around the largest number of divisions that you need in that passage, and manage the unison parts manually.