Weird electrical sound when recording Cubase 8.5

To whom it may concern,

Recently I have been getting this weird electrical noise in my recordings. when I first try to record the issue does not exist but after several minutes the noise starts coming back and is heard in the headphones, monitors and in the recordings. The issue occurred for me in both Cubase 8 and 8.5 (when I recently upgraded). I have tried replacing all of the wires and the issue still persists and I have also tried just hearing myself with the Apollo Twin Duo for several minutes and the signal is clean.

I have a Mac Pro with OS X Yosemite, a Avalon Vacuum Tube (Vt 737sp) and an Apollo Twin Duo (via Thunderbolt).
It has occurred for quite sometime and I would really appreciate any help on this as I am out of ideas
Thank you!

  • Michael

Also same problem for me. :cry: After update it start make digital noise on cubase 8 pro, MacBook Pro El Capitan.
With usb cable all work fine.

I updated to Cubase Artist 8.5 on a Windows 7 64-bit machine a few days ago and am also experiencing seemingly random “electrical” noise. I haven’t done a lot of testing regarding this, but it might be related to using Retrologue 2.

I think this is power related, investigate all powersupplies and groundloop possibilities. You could try to power from another powergroup to see if it eliminates this.

I have had many situations where this occurred, the PA guy knew this sort of problems and gave me a feed from another powergroup and the noise disappeared!

I cannot believe that software changes can be the source for this problem.

I had a similar problem. It was solved by using balanced lines between my audio interface and my monitors.

I’m not any sort of an expert, but I wasn’t experiencing any of these electrical noises prior to updating to 8.5. I’m also not using any audio inputs, just vst’s.

Can you zip a wav of it? When you say “electrical sounds” people naturally think of sounds that sometimes corresponds to video movement, like windows, mouse cursor etc.